Our Founder, Rebecca Beardsley, sat down with Jack and Carolyn, radio hosts for The Morning Breeze on 98.1, to discuss Haircuts with Heart, the extensive efforts of each volunteer member, and our part in giving back to those in need locally.

Rebecca was honored to have been approached by such fun and energetic radio hosts while having the opportunity to talk about how impactful this work is. Rebecca talked about the many people that have gone years without getting their hair cut, and from the moment they sit in the salon chair, you can see the light re-ignite in their eyes.

In the interview, Rebecca talked about the inspiration for starting Haircuts with Heart. After she opened her salon, she started paying attention to what was happening on the street in her community. She saw the increasing amount of homelessness and realized that she had to do something to help. After being a professional hairstyle for over 30 years, she felt that using her experience to give back to the community was the logical next step for her.

Jack and Carolyn also highlighted the fact that those who receive haircuts will also walk away with Tool Kits and other toiletry items that show up at her salon’s doorstep sent from people that learn about Haircuts with Heart’s mission.

Media such as this has been integral for our growth. People get what we provide; little explanation is necessary. They understand the impact. Everyone can relate to getting their haircut on the best of days and can emphasize when it stands between you getting other necessary services, food, or a “Hello” on the street. Rebecca Beardsley

Founder, Haircuts with Heart

Rebecca also said that the work of Haircuts with Heart felt so validated by the radio interview with Jack and Carolyn, and it was a real honor to be sought out by The Morning Breeze.