Rita da Cascia

Some of our team joined the Rita da Cascia staff for an inspiring day serving women who suffer from chronic illness, and homelessness/low income. Rita da Cascia sponsored us to come in for a couple of hours to support the women in remembering their self-worth.

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ROOTS Community Health Center

Once a month we set up a salon at ROOTS Community Health Center as part of their Welcome Wednesday. We’ve been serving the unhoused and people living in poverty in this East Oakland community since August of 2018.

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Kathleen Murphy at Kámen Road

Much has happened between April and May in the world of Haircuts for Heart. Before I tell you all about that exciting news, which will come later in our newsletter, I want to share with you a beautiful article written by Kathleen Murphy at Kámen Road.

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Maya’s Music

Thank you to those of you who helped us make the match for our event at Maya’s Music. What a beautiful day. Our guests, although they suffer from a variety of physical, emotional and developmental issues, they greeted us with a smile.

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Heart Hero Interview 1: Jenifer Akagi

Walking along College Avenue in Oakland, we see 77 Salon Inc., a small salon with stylish displays of haircare products, and a chic vibe. Our volunteer Jenifer welcomed us in the lobby filled with warm lighting and the delicate fragrance of shampoos.

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