Jenifer, stylist and co-owner of 77Salon Inc., is also a volunteer stylist of Haircuts with Heart since 2016. She met and talked to our founder Rebecca before its establishment, and she became eager to be a part of Haircuts with Heart. This is why she has offered haircuts and makeup to guests since our first events. Through her journey with us, she especially realized how our beauty services affect our guests. “I get a lot of first-timers that had never had professional makeup done, and they really enjoy our support,” Jenifer said, “This is not something they can get usually, so it is very special that we take care of them. At our events, it’s like a beauty day especially for them.” Now she also supports us behind the events as one of the board members.

Each of our day she volunteers, she walks away with a memorable moment for her; Jenifer loves coming out and serving, hearing stories from the guests while offering haircuts, makeup services haircuts and talking to them. “There is always someone that stands out to you. Some of them choose to share their stories, and some of them keep to themselves. I always walk away with a memory,” she said.

Considering many things she experienced in the past few years, Jenifer encourages more hairstylists to work with us as heart heros for Haircuts with Heart. “Come join us! We have a great time at every event. It is a rewarding experience and a chance to meet new stylists with different expertise, we become one big community. This is also a great networking opportunity,” Jenifer said.

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