A donation is one of the easiest ways to support a cause we care about – As long as you type how much you want to give and click the “Donate” button online, we can make a donation anytime and anywhere around the globe. Though most nonprofits say, “The price of your today’s coffee can help us out,” sometimes it’s irritating that you can donate only a small amount of money… Yes, we want to help others, but we also need to make our own living. So maybe some of you wish your donation could double the amount…

Actually, we can make that happen by requesting the companies we work for to help! Your company may offer a Matching Gift Program, which means they are happy to donate their money once you make a donation. In fact, many companies encourage their employees to give and incentivise them by offering a Matching Gift Program.

At some companies, Matching Programs help employees support their volunteer hours.

Matching Gift Program is a philanthropy program – Once employees make a donation to any charitable organizations, their companies also donate money to those organizations. Many companies offer this program these days to help their employees become more involved in charitable causes. At some companies, this program helps the employees support their volunteer hours.

America’s Charity raises four steps of Matching Gift Program:

  1. Employee makes initial donation
  2. Employee submits matching gift request to employer (*Nonprofits cannot send this request, so the employee is the only one person who can work on it.)
  3. Employer confirms eligibility of donor, donation, and the nonprofit organization
  4. Nonprofit receives a check!

The first baby step you can do is to ask your companies about this program – Ask them, “Are we a part of Matching Gift Program? If so, what type of nonprofits can we support?” Then, show this blog and talk about Haircuts with Heart.

Double the Donation states that over 18 million individuals work for companies with matching gift programs. If we use Matching Gift Program more effectively, it’s possible to make society the better place!

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