Thank you to those of you who helped us make the match for our event at Maya’s Music. What a beautiful day. Our guests, although they suffer from a variety of physical, emotional and developmental issues, they greeted us with a smile.
Maya’s Music Therapy Fund was celebrating their 30th year anniversary music festival. Their work is important to the community and they look forward all year to this one event. On their website you can find their mission…”is to empower people with developmental disabilities to increase their autonomy, build community, and expand artistic expression through music therapy, while improving their physical, social, and cognitive skill.” In fact, the days they have therapy, can be the only day they may connect with others.

We arrived and were met my a volunteer who supplied us with chocolate and checked our guests in. We served 13 guests and provided 19 services. From makeup artistry by Jenifer Akagi, to clipper cut and braids by Rika Hunter, and haircuts and styles by Teresa Delgado and Freda Dawana. In fact, this was Freda’s first time volunteering with us!

The performers, our guests, were so excited about their opportunity to get up on stage and so eager for their services. For some, it was difficult to read whether they were enjoying themselves. But in the ene, when we place the hand mirror in front of them to see themselves, you could see the shift in their spirit.

The event was well attended and supported by their community, and was held at the Richmond Recreation Center. Prior to the event, Maya’s Music volunteers were snapping pictures, printing them and creating construction paper backgrounds and taping them on the wall! There was even some of our team working.

The day was a great success and truly a heart-warming experience.