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Our Impact

Founded by Rebecca Beardsley in 2016, Haircuts with Heart began by offering haircuts to community organizations who already serve the Bay Area’s underserved communities, including people experiencing homelessness and living in poverty, and veterans and their families.

Today, we offer project management of grooming services and hygiene products delivered to the Bay Area’s underserved communities including people experiencing homelessness, and living in poverty. We partner with community organizations who serve the underserved.

In three years we have hosted over 60 events and served over 1000 guests. Our strategy is to figure out the problem for people to access grooming services, and to come up with a unique way to provide permanent solutions for community organizations, schools, community centers, shelters, etc., in the delivery these services.

Services Provided


Why Haircuts?

We believe our services help our guests approach the next steps in their lives.

Beneath the outward success as a hairstylist with over 30 years in the beauty industry; owning her own salon, educating other stylists nationwide to become the best they could be, styling hair for New York City Fashion Week, and styling hair for photo shoots, San Francisco native Rebecca Beardsley became keenly aware of the growing number of unhoused people in her community. She didn’t have money, but pondered what could she give. Free haircuts would be her act of compassion. She called community organizations who serve the underserved community and asked would they be interested in her services. The answer was a resounding, YES!

Although haircuts may seem a simple gesture, our guests have said, “I feel normal,” “Proud of how I look,” and “It’s nice to be cared for.”

Join Team Haircuts with Heart

We are building a team that will consist of people from all over the nation that desire to make an impact on the world around them. They bring a wide variety of experience, talent, and interests.

Through our work we have developed a model that can be used in your area to help those in your community.


A Cinderella Moment

I am so happy with my new style. Crystal was patient and took her time to transform my messy mop. I feel like Cinderella. Thank you!!!!



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