Some of our team joined the Rita da Cascia staff for an inspiring day serving women who suffer from chronic illness, and homelessness/low income. Rita da Cascia sponsored us to come in for a couple of hours to support the women in remembering their self-worth.

The staff at Rita da Cascia looked on as we hauled in 12 plastic containers, stuffed with supplies, two long mirrors, a plastic bin for towels, broom and dustpan. I’m sure they thought, “What are they doing?!”

We brought out table cloths and set up the mirrors. Our volunteer manicurist Joanna, makeup/hairstylist Paige, and hairstylists Teresa, Diane, and new volunteer stylist Bre, joined us for set up and offering services. Robert set up a makeshift desk and served as our Concierge, checking in each of our guests, and when they were finished with their services, he asked for feedback.

We turned on some lovely, relaxing music and invited the women to join us. Soon there was laughter, stories, and you could feel the trust being established and the joy in being cared for. The staff was really impressed with our set up and services, and could see the women really enjoying themselves. In fact, they came in occasionally to just sit, beaming with delight in observing it all.

We brought some tangerines and home made muffins to share, as well as hygiene kits. At the end one of the women broke down in tears, and said, “You don’t know how depressed I’ve been. This really brought me out of it. Thank you so much! You all are wonderful.

The organization sent a lovely thank you card and an invitation to return in October.