Welcome! Many supporters of Haircuts with Heart have asked, “How is the work going?” “What is happening on the streets?”  “What are your experiences?”

Our intention is to use this space to share updates on our work in the community, volunteer efforts, and partnerships, and interact with our supporters.

No matter where we live and what kind of background we have, everyone has a story to share, and when they do, a bond occurs and a beauty shines forth for all to see.

Rebecca Beardsley

We thought we would start with our founder Rebecca Beardsley and our beginnings.

During the past 37 years in the beauty industry, Rebecca Beardsley has achieved all she wanted to do: open her own studio salon, educate other stylists with an international beauty brand, photo shoots, New York City Fashion Week, editorials, and so on. “Beneath the outward success, something stilled gnawed at me,” Beardsley said. “I knew there was much more to cutting hair than a haircut.”  After opening her own studio to begin working on her own, she became keenly aware of the increasing number of homeless people in her community. “What could I give?” Free haircuts would be the next step. Establishing Haircuts with Heart in 2016; became the next step in her life.

In order to gain supporters and provide guests with enough service, she first reached out to local organizations serving the community; She called each organization and talked about haircut events with Haircuts with Heart. Then she reached out to local hair stylists, barbers, manicurists and makeup professionals. With such a persistent effort, 17 local organizations and growing, serve as partners of Haircuts with Heart currently. Within the past few months, Haircuts with Heart hosted events with Center for Empowerment of Refugees & Immigrants(CERI), Youth Engagement and Housing (YEAH), and Roots Community Health Center. As of October 2018, Haircuts with Heart served 920 guests at 29 events in total.

One of her most memorable moments in Haircuts with Heart is when she provided haircuts to a woman in a homeless camp. “When I asked her ‘How long have you been living in this camp?’ Although I couldn’t understand her words completely, it became clear she had been living under the freeway a long time, much longer than the encampment, and something terrible happened there. Eyes squeezed tight, she cried dry tears,” Beardsley said. “The unhoused in our communities are generally considered as vulnerable, and they are, but I also see their incredible resilience and consider them brave neighbors.” Whenever she offers haircuts to guests, she emphasizes that “natural revealing” with basic questions is part of the process. “No matter where we live and what kind of background we have, everyone has a story to share, and when they do, a bond occurs and a beauty shines forth for all to see.”

Haircuts with Heart is looking to grow their team of volunteers for upcoming events. Specifically they need licensed hair stylists, barbers, manicurists and makeup professionals, and greeters for the check-in. “Through our events, I want volunteers to get exposed to the many heart-opening experiences,” Beardsley said.

“We tend to have misconception or fear of others we don’t know, my belief is that community service can be a gateway into deepening our compassion. When our unhoused neighbors experience compassion, it can ignite the desire to share that compassion with others, no matter how little you think you have to give. Such a compassion circle can enrich our lives, and change our experience. They becomes us, and our interdependency becomes clear.”